Best Post-Workout Smoothie Recipes

Best Post-Workout Smoothie Recipes

Protein smoothies are the perfect snack for post-workout nourishment. They’re quick, easy and, with the right ingredients – fruit, veggies, a scoop of protein powder – they also get your body on the way to recovery. 

Why are Smoothies Good for Post Workout?

Your body fuels workouts with stores of glycogen, a type of glucose that lives in your muscles. After you’ve exercised, your muscle proteins are depleted, and the body needs to repair and recover them. Eating a balanced meal can aid this recovery process, replenishing your glycogen stores and boosting muscle growth, but cooking a full clean meal straight after a session isn’t always practical. 

A scoop of protein powder and a bottle of water can be all you need to get the ideal combination of fats, carbs and protein in those crucial 30 minutes post-workout, without leaving you feeling weighed down.

Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

If you’re exercising to lose pounds, eating post-workout can help. Choose protein smoothie recipes that include green veggies (think kale, spinach and celery) and fibre, such as a spoonful of oats.

Post-Workout Smoothies for Muscle Gain

When you’re bulking up, seek out protein shake recipes for muscle gain. Combining protein powder with fortified plant milk and nut butter can create a post-session smoothie that provides everything your muscles need to recover.

Smoothies for Recovery

Eating a balance of carbs and protein in the first 30 minutes after a workout is vital for recovery. To soothe inflammation, you can also blend your protein powder with antioxidant-rich fruit, such as blueberries, peaches or mango. If you eat dairy, a dollop of Greek yogurt will also help to restore muscles, as it’s made up of protein and carbohydrate: a winning post-workout combination.

After Workout Smoothies for Energy

If you find you feel tired after workouts, your glycogen stores could be low. To combat this, make sure you incorporate nutritious carbohydrates like root vegetables and brown rice into your diet. Some protein powders, like our Wellness Blend, already include brown rice powder to ensure you stay nourished. 

If you eat a vegan diet, it’s also important to stay topped up with plenty of B vitamins to maintain your energy levels. Foods like bananas, nut butters and avocados are a great source of these vitamins, and they’re quick and easy to blend into smoothies, too.

Read on to find out our favourite smoothie recipes:

The Sweet November | Restorative Protein Smoothie


This smoothie has all the flavour of carrot cake, minus the calories. It’s a bright orange blend packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, combining beta-carotene rich sweet potato and carrot with brain-boosting walnuts and anti-inflammatory, magnesium-rich spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. 


_ banana

_ carrot

_ sweet potato

_ walnuts

_ tsp cinnamon

_ tsp nutmeg

_ scoop SmartProtein

Calories: 310


  • Add ingredients to a blender along with water or a plant milk of your choice.
  • Blend until creamy and pour into a glass
  • If you want, decorate with an extra dash of cinnamon and crumbled walnuts
  • Enjoy!

The Limitless Shake | Energy-Boosting Protein Smoothie

If you’re already drinking coffee to wake up in the morning, why not get your energy and protein fix in one? Our limitless smoothie recipe is made to keep you running at full speed, all day long. To make it, we combine our SmartProtein powder with low-acid cold brew, and add ingredients like fiber-rich almond butter, mood-boosting cacao, and amino acid-rich wild pine pollen. How's that for efficient?  


_ banana

_ almond butter

_ organic cold brew

_ cacao 

_ coconut 

_ wild pine pollen

_ scoop SmartProtein

Calories: 150


  • Scoop your ingredients into a blender 
  • Mix it until smooth and pour into a glass or coffee cup
  • To keep your smoothie extra cool, add ice
  • Drink up to kick-start your day!

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