Tips On Staying Motivated To Exercise When It’s Cold Outside

Every year when the winter months hit and the temperatures drop to unbearable lows, the idea of choosing to subject yourself to leaving the house and going to the gym can be laughable. Why get out of your cozy bed to sweat? Why not go straight home from the office to wind down and turn up the heat?

Although there’s nothing wrong with the above (Staying in bed is nice! A glass of wine on the couch is a great way to spend an evening!) The following tips will help you stay motivated to keep your body moving during the cold months.

Put your routine on auto-pilot

The more time you save before breaking a sweat, the easier it will be to head to your workout (whether it’s at home in your living room, or at your gym).

The night before your workout set out your outfit, prepare your coffee maker, make sure there is enough gas in the tank, have your playlist ready, put your gym bag in the car, etc. The fewer steps you need to think about, the better!

Create a routine that you’re excited to do

Tired of doing the same routine every day? Change it up! Instead of coffee, try tea. Instead of cross fit, try boxing. Is there a scenic route you can take instead of the shortcut?

Your fitness routine doesn’t need to feel like a job. Find aspects about it (or things that you can change) that will make it more enjoyable, and apply them.

Try using a fitness band or app that challenges you, and set goals

There is a plethora of fitness apps or trackers that can keep you motivated. 

It’s now possible to have access to some of the top celebrity trainers out there for a small price, and have a fitness program ready to go with just a few clicks (check out one of our favorites, Playbook). When you create that goal to follow a program, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how much stronger you’ll start to feel after only a few weeks. Those guys and gals know what they’re doing.

Fitness trackers, like Whoop or the Oura Ring, are a fun and efficient way to visualize your stats and keep you competitive with yourself. You can review how fast your miles are on the treadmill, how many calories you burn, how much sleep you’ll need in order to fully recover…The only person you should ever compare yourself to is yourself, and these tools keep it interesting and efficient.

Work out with a friend

Ah, yes. The buddy system. 

Working out with a friend not only motivates you to get out the door (they’re depending on you to be there for them!), but also makes the entire process more fun in general. It’s a great way to bond, catch up, and start/end your day on a positive note.

Post-workout hot toddies, anyone?

Try a home workout

Home workouts became much more popular during the pandemic (for obvious reasons), but if you haven’t tried one yet, we highly recommend it.

Not only does working out at home cut the commute (and therefore your time) out of the equation, but you are in complete control of when you do it. Making it to a freezing 7AM class before needing to log on to a Zoom call can be a thing of the past.

Hundreds of trainers have adapted to a hybrid schedule of pre-filmed and live classes available online. Find what works for you, and have fun in the comfort of your (warm) living room.

A plus: it’s usually more cost effective, too!

Don’t forget to rest

Although we emphasize the necessity of exercising and its effects on both physical and mental health, knowing when to slow down and give your body a break is equally important for recovery. Rest when your body is telling you to, then keep up with the routine when it feels right.

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